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Model MINI


Heated Kennel made in Italy .

Ideal for small dogs , complete with no-bite trim .
Delivery assembled and ready to be placed .

DIMENSIONS : 80cm x 50cm h 70cm INFO: +39 347 8958216




  • The basement is realized with multilayer Okoumè wood, pasting class with reference to EN 314-2 with a thickness of 30mm. Sides quality II/II and leaves number 13. The basement is insulated from the ground thanks to its plastic legs; in addiction to this there are four draining holes on the background in order to wash quickly with a direct flow of water without damaging the material.
  • The other sides of the kennel are made of multilayer Finnish fir for structural use. Pasting with phenolic resin according to European standard EN 314-2, class 3 for the outside, with a nominal thickness of 18 mm and 7 layers.
  • The kennel is ventilated through holes in the top (see the picture).
  • The varnishes impregnating agents are ecological: this guarantees a longer duration and a lower risk for the pets.
  • The roof is covered with bitumen which allows a perfect impermeability and a total thermal insulation.
  • The roof top is covered with a thin sheet which allows a long term-protection.