Conditions of sale

Purchasing contract

The contract includes only the supply of the good, and NOT the shipment service, assemblage, installation and connection costs; if not specifically indicated from the seller himself.

Shipment and costs

The good shipment takes from 25 to 35 working days (unless stocks last or acts of God as unfavorable atmospheric conditions, strikes, demonstrations, etc.). Shipment times can vary for the deliveries to islands and north Europe.
* The shipment cost are indicated in the product schedule and can vary with accordance to the destination.

Directions for Payment:

Postal wire transfer in:
Postal current account headed to Khipen of Nicoletti Paolo
IBAN: IT92 X076 0112 1000 0100 1085 743
Credit card through Paypal Business service

Good shipment and damaging of the same good during the transport

he good delivery is made in the buyer residence by carrier, which is not obliged to deliver the products in the inside of the residences. In case of delivery of a clearly damaged product, Khipen suggests to accept good and add on the shipment document the voice “good with clear damaged packing”.
The Client as to contact immediately and, in any case, not later than 2 days, Khipen Client Service which will provide to substitute the damage good.
If the Client contact Khipen Client Service later than 2 days, Khipen staff will decide whether to substitute the damage good and the good will be considered as it is, with no possibility of further substitution.

Conditions for good receiving

The Client take it upon himself the responsibility in case of missed delivery for acts of God (too narrow entrances, limited traffic areas, areas in which specific permissions for circulating are needed, demonstrations of different kind, etc.). If there is an agreement of delivery with the courier (optional service to be paid), the Client is asked to respect the date agreed with the courier for the delivery (place, day and time). It is necessary to give a telephone number which will be referred to the courier and used to contact the Client and agree the delivery. If the courier is obliged to repeat the delivery because of Client absence, the Client will be considered responsible and will have to pay the amount of money communicated from the courier himself.

Item substitution for wrong shipment

Product substitution for wrong shipment is possible when Khipen sends a different product from the one the Client as ordered and, as a result, not present in the order. The proceeding can start by 6 solar days from the day of the good delivery; the service can be realized through the contact with our client service. Before starting this service it is suggested to compare what has arrived with the technical description of the item in the site, where there is a detailed picture of every product with its main technical characteristics. The shipment costs are on behalf of Khipen and the shipment will take place by courier. The product has to be returned in the same conditions in which it has been delivered, without marks or writings on the wrapping and only if it has not been used during the assembling by using be original packing or the protections that avoid possible damages during the transport. The opening of the wrapping will be allowed, and considered necessary, in the only case in which the packing does not permit the product checking with reference to the delivered one.


The guarantee of 24 months is reserved only to Clients-Consumers and is applied to every product with present same building or functioning imperfections, as long as the product is correctly used in accordance with its expected use and with the attached technical document. In the case in which Khipen is not able to return to the Client a guaranteed product, it will decide whether to give back the amount of money or substitute it with a product with the same or with better characteristic.

Substitution of a delivered item with manufacturing defect (DOA)

DOA (Dead On Arrival) proceeding can be started when in the purchased product there are manufacturing defect or if it is not functioning since the first use. The initiation of the service will take place after the contact with Khipen Customer Service. The product that does not meet the regulation must be sent by Khipen courier to the address indicated by Khipen.

Item missing same parts or attached material

This service can start by 6 days from the delivery of the good if it is missing same parts or attached accessories. Before starting this service, Khipen suggests to compare what has been delivered with the technical description of the product and of the attached material indicated in the site. The starting of the service will take place through contact with our Customer Service.

Right of withdrawal

The purchases in our site are subjected to the legislative decree n.185, 05/22/1999 in matter of remote contract. The importance of the above mentioned law contemplates the right of withdrawal for the buyer.
Whom is the right of withdrawal enforceable to? The Community law rules that the right of withdrawal is enforceable only to the persons (consumers) acting for aims that are alien to their commercial activity. In this sense, the right of withdrawal is not enforceable to: A corporate body or individual who act for aims linked to a commercial activity. Retailers or individuals that buy for reselling to a third party.
What does it concern? It consists in the right of withdrawing from the contract by the term of 10 working days since the delivery of the good has taken place, through the return of the good to the seller. In case of special offers, in which the purchase of a good is combined with another a good (sold at a low price or given as a present) the right of withdrawal is enforceable with the restitution of both goods purchased, since there is a tie between the product in sale and the other one. How can the right of withdrawal be enforced? The right of withdrawal for items acquired in our On-Line Shop is enforceable through the proper application form by registering a letter within 10 working days since the delivery of the good (the date on the postmark will be attesting). At this point Khipern Customer Service will allow you to return the good; this restitution must follow, with no exception, these conditions: Restitution of the item which must be with perfect integrity, and the content (if present) must be in its original packaging, the last in optimal conditions. Restitution of the whole documentation and of the attached material (instructions, hardware, screws, hooks, fabrics etc). It is necessary to attach to the delivered parcel, in visible position, the number and the year of the order. The costs for the return of withdrawn items on exclusive behalf of the costumer. The success of the shipment is responsibility of the Customer himself. Khipen reserves the right to cut down the amount necessary to restore the damaged or used items, only after previous communication to the Customer. Khipen reserves the right to refuse the good returning with different modalities from the proceeding above mentioned; in that case the items will be returned to the Customer and the shipment costs will be on his behalf. Where to address the returning shipment for Khipen? Khipen Customer Service will communicate the address for returning the good. How much does the transfer for returning good take? With 30 working days from the delivery Khipen will provide to give back the paid amount to the costumer, and to cut down the costs resulting from the specifics above mentioned. In the same amount, shipment costs are not included with conformity to art. 5, paragraph 6, decree n. 185, 05/22/1999.

Packaging dimensions

The packaging can vary from a minimum of 5 parcels to a maximum of 7, each weighting between 10 and 85 kg. The maximum dimensions for each parcel must be: 152 cm width, 252 height, 12 depth. Please take care of these dimensions since the missing delivery of goods for inappropriate packaging will not be accepted as a valid reason for returning the good.